About Security Solutions, Inc.
Security Solutions, Inc. provides protection and peace of mind to homeowners and businesses in the metropolitan Charlotte, NC area, who seek to secure their families, employees, pets and possessions. With more than 20 years of experience, SSI takes a consultative approach to safety by focusing on your specific needs and lifestyle. We can customize and install a system that works for you, because it was designed for you.

Custom Security Solutions and Consulting
SSI is a locally-owned custom security and safety firm that designs, installs and maintains its own systems. Our advisors are experienced security professionals with more than 20 years of experience in this field. SSI advisors are not salesmen and they are not paid on commission. They are owners of the company who take pride in custom designing the right safety and security system to suit your individual needs.

We Think Like a Thief
Our 20+ years of experience have taught us well. We help to identify your security needs based on the unique design and layout of your home or business. We take into consideration your neighborhood characteristics and, with your input, we assess your risk factors and areas of vulnerability.

No Toys and Gimmicks
In recent years, the security industry has introduced new products that look interesting, but realistically provide little security benefit. Mobile phone applications, live video cameras that do not record and 2-way voice systems make for good television or radio commercials, but do little to increase your overall safety. SSI focuses its designs on practical, useful and effective security system components for homeowners and business owners. We leave the toys and gimmicks to others. If it doesnít help stop a crime or deter a criminal, is it worth the cost of using, installing or monitoring?

Dedicated to Quality Customer Service
SSIís continued commitment to excellence assures that not only will you have the most reliable and effective system possible, but that you will have the finest service experience should your needs change or should your system require repair. Our timely and capable technicians make sure your system is working properly and that you can once again rest peacefully.

Locally-Owned, Supporting the Community
SSI is locally-owned and operated... we live here, we work here, we buy here, and we care about our greater Charlotte community. We are committed to giving back and we prove our dedication donating a portion of our proceeds to support local charities, Charlotte area schools, PTOs and civic organizations.

To schedule a Free in-home security analysis, please call 704.443.7188 | Info@SSICarolinas.com